Southern Alberta Agricultural Law

Finding Legal Solutions For Your Most Important Asset

Southern Alberta Agricultural Law

Farming is more than just working the soil. Like any business owner, farmers deal with an array of legal matters in their day-to-day operations, which require the assistance of experienced and knowledgeable agricultural lawyers. From buying and selling land, to lease agreements and the transfer of your farm to the next generation, AZ Lawyers LLP will get you the results you want.We’re proud of our Southern Alberta agricultural roots, and the countless Lethbridge and area farmers we have helped. AZ Lawyers LLP can help you navigate:

  • Real Estate Law
  • Leasing
  • Business and Succession Planning
  • Financing and Banking Arrangements

We also walk you through many other common, agricultural legal matters that can quickly turn into a complicated web of legalities without the right advice.


As a farmer, land is your most important asset, and you need a law firm with a history of land transactions and lease agreements under their belt. AZ Lawyers LLP have worked with both large farming corporations and small family farms, getting our clients the most out of every land transaction, be it buying, selling or leasing. Let AZ Lawyers LLP go through the fine print and simplify the process.

Land Purchase and Sale FAQ

What’s the process of renting out my land?

  1. Determine the value of your land and determine if you want to do either a crop share lease, a cash lease, or a flexible cash lease.
  2. When you’ve settled on a potential tenant, enlisting the help of a legal advisor is a smart next step. Your legal advisor can write up a contract for you, or review an existing contract, ensuring your rights are protected.

What is the rental value of my land?

The value of your property comes down to one main aspect: the productivity of your land. If your land is highly productive, it’s profitable, and as such, it’s worth more. To find out the approximate value of renting your land, it’s a good idea to determine the contribution margin for a given crop on a particular piece of land.

What are the steps to selling my farmland?

For a detailed guide of selling, check out the Alberta Guide to Farmland Ownership and Sale.

What is included in the sale of farm land?

You are selling more than just the soil. Included are buildings, fixtures, crops, and sometimes mineral and water rights. In some cases, rights affecting the use of bordering parcels of land can also be included in your land deal.

Business Succession

AZ Lawyers LLP are key advisors in assisting farmers in the transition of the family farm from one generation to the next. We work with you and your tax professionals to implement effective tax planning strategies including rollovers and estate freezes.

Negotiating With Energy Companies

Things can quickly get complicated when it comes to negotiating with energy companies. Having a proper lawyer who can be the go-between for you and an energy company is crucial, as there’s a lot of information and legalese that can be difficult to understand and navigate. From surface leases with oil companies to wind leases with windmill energy corporations, AZ Lawyers LLP is here to direct you through the convoluted legal language and find you the most beneficial agreement.

Farm Equipment Leases

From combines to tractors, equipment leases are a big part of your life as a farmer. You need the proper equipment to ensure your production is optimal. AZ Lawyers LLP are your legal experts when it comes to the fine details of examining documentation in the purchase and leasing of multi-million dollar equipment.

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